We have lift off!

26 September 2014

It's been one of those things on the "To-do" list for a long time, infact since I went back to freelancing a few years ago. About a month or so ago, I finally decided to bite the bullet and get something out there. I wanted to make sure from the outset I didn't get caught in the "perfection trap", all developers and designers will tell you that they are never happy with any work they release, there is always that last little tweak, that something that's not quite right. Alas we must learn to accept, or even ignore, that niggling doubt, that voice saying "you're not good enough, your peers will judge you" - we do all suffer from this right?.......do we, oh no here it goes again!!!

I had grand ideas for the site, overly complicated Javascript interactions, lots of bells and whistles, CSS animations, you know, like those beautiful sites you see on those CSS gallery sites. "I am going all out, I want a CSS award" I said to myself, "let's show people what I can do"..........."wait, while you're building this, you're not billing any work", retorted the voice of reason. After a few false starts, a number of hours wasted, lots of cups of tea and various Photoshop files with different version numbers. I decided that "imperfect action" was better than endless hours wasted in the pursuit of that elusive "perfection", the voice of reason won. Out went the fancy CSS animation, along with a number of pages, lines of Javascript, project estimators, the "cool" sidebar that animates in and of course the cliche dashboard style charts. It's funny how with a little discipline and commitment to getting something done, a project can suddenly take shape quite quickly, and so the site was released complete with buggy parallax plug in, some dodgy not quite responsive features and an empty portfolio. They say that first impressions count, and yes I am sure there is plenty of data to back that up, but a potential client is not going to have any impression at all if there is no site, and my previous site was not performing anyway. I am happy to launch a less than perfect product and iterate, this blog being one of those iterations.

And so there it is, the site is out in the wild, warts and all, expect to see some changes and improvements in the coming weeks and months. Oh and for those that care, the site is built with the beautifully simple Perch CMS. Keep an eye on the blog for a bit more of a low down on this CMS and why I recommend it over other products on the market.